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The Presidents' Network

PresNet can help you expand your presence abroad. From recruitment tours for your admission staff, to study abroad tours, to aiding in the creation of partnerships with foeign universities and educational entities, to helping your instittion establish a campus abroad, PresNet can help.

PresNet has more than 30 affiliate offices throughout the Subcontinent of Asia, Subsaharan Africa, and Eastern Asia. Since 1995, we have helped create successful educational ventures in India, Sri Lanka, Korea, Nepal, and Kenya.

We can help you establish partnerships and programs abroad.

*Build a new campus

*Create a feeder institution that will provide a steady stream of international students to your institution

*Send your students abroad to a stable and secure location, to housing you established, with professors you trained.

PresNet has used a 2+2 system to provide core courses on the new campus. Most students can take one or two years of courses before needing to transfer to the home campus. This is ideal for students from the host country who can take your courses while saving money. Depending upon language requirements, ESL courses may be taken concurrently or some courses can even be taught in the host country language. After a foreign student has exhausted their coursework, they can transfer to the US to complete their degree. American students can share the campus with students from the host country. It is a controlled academic environment that still meets the assimilation needs of many study abroad programs.


If you would like to speak to a PresNet representative in regard to these or other services, please contact us at presnet@presnet.net or via phone at 864-224-4146.

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PresNet Educational Ventures have been launched in Sri Lanka, India, Korea, and plans are underway for our first American Campus.

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In order to ensure that this page appears in searches regardless of country or language differences, we have added this section to list alternate spellings. The terms College and Colleges are synonymous with the words University and Universities in the United States. Similarly, Adviser and advisers are the same as Advisor and advisors. PresNet services Indian students with more than 20 offices in India including New Delhi, Chennai (Madras), Hyderabad, and Mumbai (Bombay), thus support can be provided in a variety of Indian languages and dialects including Hindi and Gujarati. Other major offices include Toronto, Canada, Seoul, South Korea and Nairobi, Kenya (Thus providing language supports to Canadian / Canadien, Korean, and Kenyan students in their native tongue). Smaller offices are available in Latin America, Japan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, German, and England. PresNet supports much of Europe and Asia directly through our World Headquarters in the Southeastern United States.