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Below is a list of the colleges and universities that are taking part in PresNet's various services.

Approximately one third of the institutions on this list were included in the U.S. News and World Report Magazine's listing of America's Best Colleges or America's Best College Bargains.

American Intercontinental University - Atlanta 4-Year & Graduate 1,100 Atlanta, Georgia
American Intercontinental University - London 4-Year & Graduate 650 London, England
American Intercontinental University - Los Angeles 4-Year & Graduate 600 Los Angeles, California
Averett College 4-Year 1,700 Danville, Virginia
Barnsley College 4-Year & Graduate 20,300 Barnsley, England
Buena Vista University 4-Year & Graduate 971 Storm Lake, Iowa
California Baptist College 4-Year 1,233 Riverside, California
Carson-Newman College 4-Year & Graduate 2,022 Jefferson City, Tennessee
Charleston Southern University 4-Year & Graduate 2,478 Charleston, South Carolina
Clarkson University 4-Year & Graduate 3,300 Clarkson, New York
East Texas Baptist College 4-Year 1,204 Marshall, Texas
Elizabethtown College 4-Year 2,600 Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania
Florida Southern University 4-Year & Graduate 2,732 Lakeland, Florida
Georgetown College 4-Year & Graduate 1,859 Georgetown, Kentucky
Green Mountain College 4-Year 700 Poultney, Vermont
Hastings College 4-Year 954 Hastings, Nebraska
Heidelberg College 4-Year & Graduate 1,377 Tiffin, Ohio
High Point College 4-Year 2,326 High Point, North Carolina
Kansas Wesleyan College 4-Year & Graduate 754 Salina, Kansas
La Grange College 4-Year 999 LaGrange, Georgia
Louisiana College 4-Year 1,026 Pineville, Louisiana
Marshall University 4-Year & Graduate 13,093 Huntington, West Virginia
Mercer University 4-Year & Graduate 6,350 Macon, Georgia
Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College 2-Year 11,685 Perkinston, Mississippi
Newberry College 4-Year 900 Newberry, South Carolina
Northwood College 4-Year & Graduate 1,453 Midland, Michigan
Otterbein College 4-Year & Graduate 2,505 Westerville, Ohio
Pacific Union College 4-Year & Graduate 1,512 Anguria, California
Palomar College 2-Year 25,400 San Marcos, California
Pepperdine University 4-Year & Graduate 7,550 Malibu, California
Rochester Institute of Technology 4-Year & Graduate 13,004 Rochester, New York
Saint Clair College of Arts & Technology 2-Year 5,500 Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Saint Mary's College (Minnesota) 4-Year & Graduate 6,000 Winona, Minnesota
Salem State College 4-Year & Graduate 15,000 Salem, Massachusetts
Strayer College 4-Year & Graduate 5,547 Washington, D.C.
Troy University 4-Year & Graduate 7,000 Troy, Alabama
University of Findlay 4-Year & Graduate 3,173 Findlay, Ohio
University of Missouri-Columbia 4-Year & Graduate 23,346 Columbia, Missouri
University of Missouri-Rolla 4-Year & Graduate 12,445 Rolla, Missouri
University of Wisconsin-Platteville 4-Year & Graduate 7,000 Platteville, Wisconsin
Virginia Commonwealth University 4-Year & Graduate 22,700 Richmond, Virginia
Vincennes University 2-Year 3,000 Vincennes, Indiana
Waldorf College 4-Year 499 Forest City, Iowa
William Jewel College 4-Year & Graduate 1,932 Liberty, Missouri
Wilmington College 4-Year 901 Wilmington, Ohio


Last Modified on 15-Aug-03.


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In order to ensure that this page appears in searches regardless of country or language differences, we have added this section to list alternate spellings. The terms College and Colleges are synonymous with the words University and Universities in the United States. Similarly, Adviser and advisers are the same as Advisor and advisors. PresNet services Indian students with more than 20 offices in India including New Delhi, Chennai (Madras), Hyderabad, and Mumbai (Bombay), thus support can be provided in a variety of Indian languages and dialects including Hindi and Gujarati. Other major offices include Toronto, Canada, Seoul, South Korea and Nairobi, Kenya (Thus providing language supports to Canadian / Canadien, Korean, and Kenyan students in their native tongue). Smaller offices are available in Latin America, Japan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, German, and England. PresNet supports much of Europe and Asia directly through our World Headquarters in the Southeastern United States.