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PresNet Student Placement

PresNet is an organization of colleges and universities representing 34 states. Click here to see a list of member institutions. The organisation provides several services to its member institutions including student recruitment, foreign study/travel, off-campus housing and student insurance. One of the Network's primary focuses is providing services for international students.

Students can apply to all of PresNet's colleges and universities with one application. There is an application form that must be completed. The application form may be requested from PresNet directly via phone, fax, mail, or email. However the quickest and easiest way to complete the form is to complete this ONLINE VERSION. Other methods for completing our application are available as well: You may use our CREDIT CARD VERSION, or you may use our PRINTABLE FORM (in MS Word format) and then fax, mail, or email the completed form to us.

After you have completed the form we will require a transcript and we may require some other information specific to your program of student (TOEFL, specialized coursework, etc.) We will then provide a list of colleges and universities that meet your needs and will handle your admission process. PresNet charges a one-time $50.00 processing fee. All other application fees have been waived by our member institutions. If you have any questions about the application procedure, please contact PresNet at +1 864 224 4146 or via email at presnet@presnet.net.


1) A completed application: (Either the Online App , the Credit Card App, or the Printable App sent via mail or fax)

2) Transcripts of all secondary school or university coursework.

3) All available test scores including SAT, ACT, TOEFL, GRE, and GMAT.

4) A letter of support from a parent or sponsor stating the amount of money available for your studies in the USA.

5) A signed bank statement showing funds available and the average fund balance for the past year.

6) A $50 processing fee. If you are completing your application by fax, you may fax a photocopy of your check and then mail the original. If you have completed the Credit Card Application, then the processing fee will already have been sent.

For fastest results, please send a packet of information containing the above documentation. When we have all of this information we will run a computer check and inform you of those schools for which you qualify.


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In order to ensure that this page appears in searches regardless of country or language differences, we have added this section to list alternate spellings. The terms College and Colleges are synonymous with the words University and Universities in the United States. Similarly, Adviser and advisers are the same as Advisor and advisors. PresNet services Indian students with more than 20 offices in India including New Delhi, Chennai (Madras), Hyderabad, and Mumbai (Bombay), thus support can be provided in a variety of Indian languages and dialects including Hindi and Gujarati. Other major offices include Toronto, Canada, Seoul, South Korea and Nairobi, Kenya (Thus providing language supports to Canadian / Canadien, Korean, and Kenyan students in their native tongue). Smaller offices are available in Latin America, Japan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, German, and England. PresNet supports much of Europe and Asia directly through our World Headquarters in the Southeastern United States.